Guest Post with CosyRosieUK! (Alpine Holiday Table Set)

Alpine Holiday Set smaller.jpg
Today’s topic is my guest blog post on CosyRosieUK crochet blog of wonderful and talented Fiona Field with my NEW PATTERN SET Alpine Holiday Table Set, which will be FREE on her blog and is also available in my Ravelry shop!

I was so looking forward to be her guest and to design something that is for home!

The Easter and Christmas time are big in my family, and when I say big, I mean really big. The whole family comes together and table is always elaborate and full of not only good food but beautiful décor as well. My mom and my aunt always put extra effort into looking for the best table settings or center pieces and I try to continue with the tradition. Since I started crocheting 20+ years ago I added a small item that I either liked using someone’s pattern or I designed my own. This year I designed a coaster and a placemat set which would be perfect for family dinners I imagine to have in my own home…
I made it in the colors that remind me of spring and Easter but I plan to add a Christmas version to it (red, white and green, with the right amount of sparkle) as soon as I find time. Spring is always special with everything waking up from flowers to animals, adding a much-needed color and warmth in our lives after the winter.

Alpine Holiday Set 1.jpgPlacemat is paired up with coaster in the same pattern and they match in stitches used and a bit of pattern design.
Alpine Holiday Set 4.jpg
Please check out the blog post of CosyRosyUK where you can find this pattern for FREE in basic form or in my Ravelry shop with detailed photo instructions and in PDF (printer friendly doc) form, click to check it out HERE!

Until next time, my Yarnies!

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