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Lilly of the Valley -Square 4 in Flower Garden Blanket CAL
Flower Garden Blanket Promo - Square 4 (3).jpg
This C2C pattern is a part of Flower Garden Blanket CAL 2022 hosted by E’Claire Makery, to go to the CAL host page click HERE. This pattern can also be used as a standalone block and add to other C2C blocks or just repeated in different colors throughout a blanket. Another way to use it is to make a pillow out of it. [Read More…]

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Flower Garden Blanket CAL in May 2022!
Flower Garden Blanket Promo.jpg
I am so happy to be participating as a designer in a CAL (crochet-a-long). If you want to know more about CALs and KALs, please read my blog post What are CALs/KALs and why I love them….

I will be participating in the Flower Garden Blanket CAL hosted by Claire from E’Claire Makery, with not only 1 but 2 designs. [Read More…]

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What are CALs/KALs and why I love them

CALsKALs  blog post.png

CAL is short for Crochet-A-Long
KAL is short for Knit-A-Long

Recently there was a post in a FB group for designers asking about CALs and experiences, tips and tricks to make it successful…
So I thought to write a blog post about my CAL experiences so far and later when I actually have one solely hosted by me, to come back and re-evaluate what I wrote here..

KAL’s/CAL’s are great events that I think everyone should at least try once. [Read More…]

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TOP 10 Alpine stitch using patterns!

Top 10 Alpine Stitch Patterns by Made By Nensi.png

I recently discovered Alpine stitch and even though I used it a bit differently in my Alpine Holiday Table Set and the Alpine Basket, I wanted to round up my favorite Alpine stitch patterns available online! These designers are not only talented but also very hard working so please do check these out if you like Alpine stitch as much as I do... [Read More…]

Guest Post with CosyRosieUK! (Alpine Holiday Table Set) ~/?x=entry:entry220314-200125 2022-03-14T20:01:25+00:00 2022-03-14T20:01:25+00:00

Alpine Holiday Set smaller.jpg
Today’s topic is my guest blog post on CosyRosieUK crochet blog of wonderful and talented Fiona Field with my NEW PATTERN SET Alpine Holiday Table Set, which will be FREE on her blog and is also available in my Ravelry shop!

I was so looking forward to be her guest and to design something that is for home!

The Easter and Christmas time are big in my family, and when I say big, I mean really big. [Read More…]