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I learned to crochet thanks to two ladies who were a big part of my childhood. First one is my grandmother Rada who first made things for me like gloves, doll clothes and similar things either by crochet or by knitting. She loved making doilies and making stuff for me and my sister made her happy… I always liked making thing so this handmade gifts my gran made were super precious to me. I still remember putting white crochet gloves on and just admiring the intricacy of the work, the frailness of the handmade piece as well as the stark white color of the fine thin yarn she always used. I think that is when I asked to be taught for the first time and God bless her she really tried, but I was too young and too easily distracted and frustrated if things didn’t immediately work out. So after a few years we tried again and this time it worked much better. But as she lived quite far from us, once I returned home I didn’t really continue with it… This happened one more time when I was older but that time I managed to remember single and double stitches. I always appreciated what my gran made for us and for me. She was an a amazing person with quite a difficult life who found her zen in crocheting just like I did.
Second person who helped this bug stay with me is a lady that was our neighbor in the building where I grew up. She crocheted every moment she had free… But she used colors, different materials, different yarn weights and sooo many different designs not just doilies. That is when I made my acquaintance with what crochet can really be. And I loved it. She re-taught me the stitches my gran tried to teach me and also gave me some of her extra hooks and yarn.
But then life happened… I went to Uni and after Uni for a year to US… When I came back I didn’t have time for crocheting so I didn’t put much effort into anything but looking for a new job. Just when I found one and was about to go to a different country for it, my mother passed away. It was a shock, a kick in the guts, life changing moment that I don’t think I ever recuperated from… In my culture for 40 days after a loved one dies you’re supposed to mourn intensely, so I did. But in order not to go crazy with grief and emptiness that was left behind I started crocheting again. But this time I did it all day long, every day, for 40days… After these 40 days I crocheted before work, after work and on weekends… I tried many different stitches and designs, but I stayed with doilies as they worked up quick. I gave them all to my aunt and she loved it and she still uses it . Sometimes I look at it and can’t believe I made it… :D
Share with me how you learned to crochet! Show me your first works! Share with me any story that made your crochet journey special!

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