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Perfect Crafter’s Christmas Gift Ideas 2021!

Perfect Crafter Gift Ideas 2021pngToday the topic is Perfect Crafter’s Christmas Gift Ideas 2021!

The year 2020 has been a tough one for us all… Shopping was challenging even without Christmas in the mix.

According to many news outlets the Christmas shopping 2021 will be even more challenging as it is expected that shipping and supply will be the delayed. Which means waiting until December to do your shopping could be too risky. There are a few things that could help this year to be on top of this and have plenty presents that people will actually like!

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Buying for anyone:
-handmade gift from Etsy or similar platform
-explore craft shops in your neighborhood, even if they don’t sell it they might know where you can get it or order it in your own town, or country (thinking of avoiding international taxes and shipping in advance).
Think of hats, cowls, shawls, hand warmers, ear warmers…

These type of gifts will not only show that you can get something special, unique, handmade instead of shopping in stores where tens of thousands of people will get the same thing as you, but that you care and think that receiver is also special and unique. Not to mention how you will be helping small businesses get a better year-end than ever.

Crafters gifting others:
-make a list of people in your life and things you can make for them (with realistic deadline in mind)
-buy supplies accordingly, including the patterns and any digital products you might need
-start with crafting asap! Especially if you still need to ship these…
-don’t waste time, minimize the crafting of the ornaments and décor as I’m pretty sure you still have enough from previous years, recycle!

Buying for crafters:
-make a list of people in your life who are crafting. If you ask them a few things about their craft now, they will certainly forget you have even asked them this by the time Xmas comes, and imagine their joy and surprise when they realize you cared by the present they got!
-buy supplies for their chosen craft, trust me, you can’t really go wrong if you asked a few questions… For example, if it is a crocheter or a knitter, all you have to ask is, what is their favorite yarn to work with, and go and get it!
-a pattern to something, a book, a box of yarn for a specific project that comes with a pattern, or even better, a gift card from a good craft shop.

Crafters Christmas Gift Ideas 2021png

One of the best presents I have ever gotten was a yarn from a small business that had this amazing alpaca yarn hand dyed in colors of spring green and baby pink… My two favorite colors…

This year I am asking for something more challenging… A proper quilting course… Something I always wanted to do, but never had time, and I know that a lot of good courses have switched to online and that is maybe the best thing for me now. So maybe your loved one wouldn’t mind getting a course to something they always wanted to learn.

The thought that comes behind a gift sometimes matters more than anything else. Following these tips might help you to be the best present giver in 2021!

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