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The Crochetpreneur experience

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Last year was a defining year for me… I decided to start designing (which was not new to me, but was never something to write up and sell) and see where it gets me. I got my husband to help with the website and all that tech stuff but that was as much as I was aware of what was needed. Of course social media is a big thing but there I was already present for a long time, so I knew what I needed to change/adjust. Around that same time of discovering everything, I came across an advertisement about a free event called Crochet Summit organized by The Crochetpreneur. 

More info through the affiliate link: CBA enrollment

And it was life changing! I had my doubts and my reserves not only into what will be offered, how much of that content will be applicable to me and then will I even make time for it. But I was blown away by the information shared and all the lessons I learned which most of them were immediately applicable, which was very important to me. I also learned that there is such a thing as a Crochet Business Academy (CBA) by The Crochetpreneur! And I looked into it seriously, when I say seriously I mean SERIOUSLY!

I looked up positive stories from it (people who applied CBA learnings and benefited from it) and not only have I read them, I found these people on IG/FB/Ravelry/Etsy and checked out their businesses. I was impressed at the range of people-designers and makers, big and small, with their business looking more professional than mine and their reach further than mine. That wasn’t a surprise as I was just starting, but it was a moment I decided what I wanted for myself… And that was CBA! So when I looked at the payment options and saw that there are a couple of ways to do it, I was very relieved.
I always cfelt that I will not succeed because 1.) I wasnt tech savvy 2.) I didnt have a long list of followers 3.) My blog just launched and subscribers are less than 50 4.) I didnt have that many patterns 5.) .pngMore info through the affiliate link CBA Enrollment

The dream was closer than ever, so when I finally joined I felt relieved that I took a step to make my hobby a successful business reality. But what I learned was that a list of doubts and reserves will always be populated and I can fight them one by one or I can commit to doing the CBA and battle them all!

What is even more important is that the doors to CBA are open as a part of Black Friday Event 25-29th of November 2022, LAST TIME THIS YEAR! And the access you might purchase to all these resources a crochet business must have and know about is a LIFETIME access. So any time you want to learn or check out for the updates as this relationship is constantly growing just check the CBA updates and prepare yourself to learn even more!

The amount of resources has kept me busy but not overwhelmed. I learned what I needed to start and keep my business growing! CEO of The Crochetpreneur, Pam Grice, was just like us some 5 years ago. Trying to find her way through the sporadical and non structured knowledge that was available online in order to make her business a successful one. And what she learned she decided to share as there was nothing like this out there! 

Read up more about the CBA offer through the link below:

CBA enrollment (affiliate link)

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