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10 Best Buntings/Garlands

10 best Garlands Pinterest image.jpg
Buntings or Garlands are one of the most cheerful decorations I have ever seen. When I designed my first crochet bunting I did it with future in mind. I had this great idea of making new buntings every year for my baby girl’s birthday so that when she is 18 I will have made enough pieces to make her a blanket before she goes off to University. Some years if I have time I will design my own pattern and some days I will and other years I will make it by someone else’s pattern. Since then I spent time on Pinterest, Ravelry and Etsy to find the ones I like the best. Here is the Round up of the patterns I liked the best for the buntings/garlands, that later I can turn into pieces for a blanket or just use as a home decor!

Here is the bunting that started it all:
1. Elodie’s Bunting by Made By Nensi-free patternElodies Bunting-Free Pattern.jpg
The pattern that I had in my mind even before I got my baby girl, I just needed her first birthday to come around so i can make it! You can find the pattern HERE!

2. Fall Crochet Bunting-free pattern by Caab Crochet
The simple but lovely pattern can be found HERE!

3. Granny Bunting-free pattern by With Love Feli
with love feli.jpegI am a big granny square stitch lover so this one was really close to my heart. Also very easy and free pattern to make. You can find it HERE!

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4. Pumpkin Bunting-free pattern by Hookfully
hookfully.jpegThis cute Halloween/Fall inspired bunting can be found HERE!

5. Flower Garland Pattern-free pattern by Banana Moon Studio
banana moon studio.jpegThis is the cutest so far, for anyone who loves flowers. You can find it HERE!

6. Crochet Garland Mushrooms and Hedgehogs, Woodland Theme- by Golden Lucy Crafts
golden lucy crafts.jpegAnother fall themed Bunting that I find the cutest as a home decor to celebrate change of season. You can find the pattern HERE!

7. Lemon Bunting Motif- free pattern by Hooks Books Wanderlust
books and wanderlust.jpegSummer inspired design that I find so lovely. You can find this pattern HERE!

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8. Festive Crocheted Bunting-free pattern by You Should Craft
you should craft.jpegThis beginner friendly pattern is free and easy to make. You can find the pattern HERE!

9. Super Easy Carrot Bunting-free pattern by Eye Love Knots
eyeloveknots.jpegSweet and colorful bunting. Perfect for kid’s room decor. You can find the pattern HERE!

10. Spider Web Bunting by Crafty Crochet Castle
crafty crochet castle.jpegI love the idea of this bunting. I can already imagine it around the house for Halloween. You can find the pattern HERE!

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