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Lilly of the Valley C2C Pattern-Square 4 in the Flower Garden Blanket CAL

Lilly of the Valley -Square 4 in Flower Garden Blanket CAL
Flower Garden Blanket Promo - Square 4 (3).jpg
This C2C pattern is a part of Flower Garden Blanket CAL 2022 hosted by E’Claire Makery, to go to the CAL host page click HERE. This pattern can also be used as a standalone block and add to other C2C blocks or just repeated in different colors throughout a blanket. Another way to use it is to make a pillow out of it. If you make a back that is in the same size but in one color you have a pillow! Later in the txt the sizes are mentioned.

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You can participate in the CAL in two ways:
1.) Waiting for the new FREE square pattern in form of a graph to be published twice a week, or
2.) Buy the Flower Garden Blanket Bundle, which has ALL 12 squares, tutorial on C2C, graph and written instructions for a really low price of 10$ ONLY! To get the bundle click HERE!

Flower Garden Blanket Promo.jpg
For the full PDF add-free pattern of Lilly of the Valley, which will include the written instructions as well as graph chart please visit my shops below:

Yarn- Any yarn #4 weight in 4 colors, dark grey, white, mid grey and vibrant green. Look below in the introduction for guidance on what yardage is needed.
Hook- 5mm
Needle for weaving in the ends

If you have never done C2C before, once a basic C2C stitch pattern (simple square) is learnt using a C2C graphic is super easy. E’Claire Makery has great tutorial on this so if you have never done C2C before and once you read up this pattern it is not clear how to do it, go to her blog/YT for learning how to do it.

C2C stitch includes double crochet or half double crochet (in US terms), chains, and slip stitches. As it is in multiple colors, color changes will also need to happen. This can be done either by carrying through the stitches the colors or you can make small balls of yarn for each change of color. 

Block totals of each color in the Lilly of the Valley graph chart are:

lilly blocks.jpg

Each C2C block is made out of ch3 and 3 either dc or hdc stitches. If you are doing this square as a part of the Flower Garden CAL then use hdc but if not, you can use either dc or hdc. The size by hdc will be about 12’’ square and with dc will be around 16’’ square. The best way to know how much yarn you would need is to a gauge swatch of a number of C2C blocks and measure the weight of it and divide by number of blocks you made, and it will give you weight per block which in turn if used the info on the yarn label will tell you the yardage of each block. In this pattern you get info how many blocks of each color are needed so if you multiply that number with yardage you calculated out of your gauge, you will have a precise yardage for the whole pattern. 
Direction is bottom left to top right. It is 25×25 blocks making a square pattern. On the graph each small square block is one C2C block.
Gauge- does not matter as long as you are consistent. It only matters for knowing the yardage of yarn. For me it was about 4 blocks x 4 blocks=2×2”

Here is my version of it:

Lilly of the valey square.jpgGraph chart:
Screenshot 2022-05-16 234242.pngFor the full pattern of Lilly of the Valley, which will include the written instructions as well as graph chart please visit my shops below:

I would really love to see your make, so please, if you post this square, tag me and I will like it and share it to show the world you work!

Don’t forget, I have another square in this CAL which will come out later! Watch this space!
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