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 In my blogs I will focus on how to use crochet to create stuff that will make life easier or prettier... Read up as you might find some of them useful as well. Some designs will be for free and some designs will have a price... It all depends on the effort it went into making/researching/designing it.

Please check the list of the blog entries as the titles of each entry will more or less hint what it is about...

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Watermelon -FREE C2C Crochet Pattern

CAL Watermelon foto.jpg
Watermelon FREE C2C Chart Pattern


If used as a standalone pattern it can be made into a pillow, tote bag, table runner or anything you want. All you have to do is either make 2 or more same squares or make a square in same size to be the background of the pillow or tote bag.
The stitch includes half double crochet (in US terms), chains, and slip stitches. [Read More…]

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Bobbly Summer Pillow- FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Bobbly Summer Pillow

Bobbly Summer pillow.jpg
This summer I had a great idea of using stitches other than hdc and dc for a C2C pattern. I wanted to test it out and a pillow seemed like a great idea.

The stitches I used were hdc, bobbly st and ch’s. [Read More…]

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Alpine Holiday Table Set-FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Alpine Holiday Table Set-FREE PATTERN

Alpine Holiday Set smaller.jpg

Some time ago I was a guest designer on a blog. It was a pattern for an Easter table set (placemats and coasters) and I loved it so much I wanted to make an Xmas version of it. Basically same pattern just a Christmas inspired colors. [Read More…]

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Tips for working with sparkly yarn

Sparkly Yarn
Working with sparkly yarn Pinterest .png
Specialty yarns can make your item stand out. They can be shiny, sparkly, with beads or sequins and anything else you can imagine. Out of all of the non-generic yarn I like sparkly yarn the best. [Read More…]

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Elodies Bunting-Free Pattern.jpg
Elodie’s Bunting is a product of an idea I had when my daughter was turning 1. So I decided to make a bunting for decoration and while chatting with my husband I came up with an idea. I would make a bunting every year for her birthday and when she turns 18 and is about to go to Uni I would connect all the triangles from the bunting into a blanket. [Read More…]

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