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Tiaras Tiaras Tiaras!

Tiara blog foto.jpgTIARAS TIARAS TIARAS

As I was preparing for my daughter’s first birthday I wanted to make a few props that she can take photos with. The only problem was that I was running out of time… and crocheting with a 1 year old crawling around you and wanting to touch everything you are touching is not the smartest idea ever… 😊
So I needed something I could make fast and if would be pretty to use in a photo… As I always was into tiara’s and something about Dutch princesses was mentioned in the news I could literally feel the light bulb appearing above my head with light ON! Woohoo, I had my ‘pièce de résistance’ as French would say!
After looking up on Pinterest I wasn’t very inspired, so I looked up the actual tiaras of princesses… my, my, my, I was looking and crushing on them for over 2h… And here are my favorite tiaras, the ones that inspired me to make not only 1 but 4 different tiaras…
inspirations for tiaras.jpeg

Below you will find links to patterns for all four tiaras on Raverly… Links are in the names… They can be found on Etsy too! Send me your versions of these patterns! Would love to post them here!

Princess of North
beige 2.jpeg
Princess of East
purple 1.jpeg
Princess of West
Roze 1.jpeg
Princess of South
first 1.jpeg
I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please leave a comment/question or suggestion…

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