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How to find a good crochet tester!

How to pick a tester after you designed a pattern

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Today’s topic is ‘How to find a good crochet tester for your pattern‘!

First of all, is it necessary to have a pattern tested… No, it is not necessary… Is it smart? YES, it is!

WHY is it important

The benefits of using a good crochet tester are multiple:

1.) Someone to check your pattern by actually making it

2.) Someone to give feedback on how understandable and easy to follow your pattern is

3.) Someone to give feedback what to improve wrt to photos, presentation, intro

4.) Someone to promote your pattern before release

5.) Someone to take good photos you might even use in the pattern itself or for promotion

6.) Someone to promote on and after release

7.) Someone who can become a good friend in the community where connections are valuable

But let’s take a step back…

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In the blog entry 3 phases of designing a crochet pattern I talk about designing a pattern… So you might be now at the phase 2 where you have made the item and are in process of finishing instructions on how to make it which is known as a ‘pattern’. By now you probably have presence on IG and/or FB, you are probably a part of some FB groups and are following IG pages dedicated to patterns/designers/testers.

I have a checklist PDF for you that you can download for FREE on the page Printables in the menu above!

WHAT you ask for is important

But before you go asking just any crochet tester, make a google doc form where you state what your needs are wrt to how you need tester to be like. For example you pose the questions to get the following answers:

-level of the skill that is needed for this pattern (beginner, intermediate, very experienced/highly skilled)

-communication skills that are needed such as honest, constructive and specific

-accounts with FB and IG that are public, where they will post at least a X amount of progress photos and x amount of finished item photos, where they will do the promos and share your posts, reels and stories (this has to be part of the agreement)

-being able to take good photos (this is something you have to check yourself on their accounts)

-being able to add their project in the Raverly library within X days after completion (not a must)

-understand that yarn is their own responsibility

-understand that free pattern is their compensation

-understand that they are not to share the pattern with anyone without designers permission

-understand that pattern is to be followed completely, no adjustments are allowed

-stitch check, count and grammar are to be checked by tester


-being able to meet the deadline! This is why the question on how many projects are they testing atm is very important…

After this comes the promise of you as a designer:

-you will be of utmost support

-you will share their work and give them credit for the made items and input given

-you understand that they will spend a lot of time, effort and resources to make this happen as agreed!

WHERE to ask is important

There are good places to actually tell people that you are looking for testers, beside your own profile/page. I personally like to cover all three… I ask for a couple of testers among my followers that I follow myself. I also ask on FB groups and IG pages where this is the topic.

But if you are still not sure where to look for pattern testers, just ask where to look in any of these groups if you do not want to ask among your followers. There are multiple benefits going either way…

a) your followers already have a relationship with you, they like your designs and might be more invested to do this with you, if you follow them back very likely you are also liking their makes, so possible win-win situation

b) if you go the route of the groups/profiles where testers are always looked for, you might be choosing someone with a network completely new to you which can bring new followers are new customers, as the testers will share their work and bring you mire exposure. but be careful as just because they are on these groups/profiles looking for a nice design to test, doesn’t mean they are good at it. You ALWAYS need to check their profile to see any evidence of previous testings and how do their posts look like visually.

c) Raverly also has a group or two for testers and maybe you are already a part of a few project groups or similar in which case I would ask there if they would want or would know someone willing to test for you. Being on Raverly isn’t a proof of quality or experience but it might indicate it…

Once you start getting the volunteers you send them the forms to fill so you can choose who will best suit you and your needs.


Once a good crochet tester is chosen, you provide the instructions as soon as possible and start supporting and collecting feedback.

For some of the feedback I immediately did changes in my pattern and for some I waited until everything was done and I had all the feedback before doing final changes. I was lucky that my testers really were into giving feedback but I do also know that there will be some testers who do that in the end (I was one of them).

And some will not even start with pattern due to various circumstances and that is why I like to have 3-5 testers as an optimal number…

Try not to get disappointed or frustrated during this time and focus on planning the promo, writing the chart, making the photos and posters!

Once testers are done, ask to be sent all of the photos they have made over time and ask for final photos… If in this case you have a vision in your mind on how you want the photos to be staged, tell your testers so they can try and deliver on your vision. This is a great resource for the carousel posts on IG! Use their feedback and ideas to fix errors, improve on your design and on your instructions! This is a priceless part!
Give them credit and post or repost their photos, so they can also have some exposure to beyond their profiles…

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I have a checklist PDF for you that you can download for FREE on the page Printables in the menu above!

Let me know in the comments if this has helped!

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