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Bobbly Summer Pillow- FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Bobbly Summer Pillow

Bobbly Summer pillow.jpg
This summer I had a great idea of using stitches other than hdc and dc for a C2C pattern. I wanted to test it out and a pillow seemed like a great idea.

The stitches I used were hdc, bobbly st and ch’s.

I made two versions of the same combo of stitches and I already had a satin pillow (as a base cover) so didn’t have to buy/make one. But essentially you can do whatever you want as some of the squares will be empty and the undercover will be visible. The size of the pillows is a standard 40×40cm (15.5x 15.5 inches).


Yarn- Any yarn #4 weight in any color combo you want. 
Gauge- 6 blocks x 6 blocks=4×4” (10×10 cm) if hdc stitches were used. 
Hook- 5mm
Needle for weaving in the ends

Hdc - half double crochet
Bs - bobbly stitch
Ch - chains
Sl st - slip stitch
1st side of Bobbly Summer pillow.jpg2nd side of Bobbly Summer pillow.jpgStitches legend.jpg
BB-block starts with ch2, then bobble stitch is made around/in the same ch2 space as you would make hdc3 around the ch2 in a regular C2C block (the block from the previous row). Slip the hook in the same space (as you would start the sc) yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook, basically you’re fastening off the bobble with sl st and continuing to next block with another sl st.

ES-empty block is made of ch5 that is finished with sl st into the next block from previous row, same as you would finish the block in a regular C2C.

The VIDEO of the stitches is available on my IG and in smaller videos on my Pinterest. 
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Soon as well, it will be as one video on my YouTube channel that I am still working on. I will add link here once it is posted.

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