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 In my blogs I will focus on how to use crochet to create stuff that will make life easier or prettier... Read up as you might find some of them useful as well. Some designs will be for free and some designs will have a price... It all depends on the effort it went into making/researching/designing it.

Please check the list of the blog entries as the titles of each entry will more or less hint what it is about...

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Crochet for Charity

Crochet Business Hop For Charity
Crochet charity hop.png
Dear readers,

Usually blog hops are about freebies/sales in return for visibility, which is how it should be, but once in a while comes something that is sooo much better than that! And that is giving to charity…
Melanie of Simply Melanie Jane has organized a blog hop that will benefit a child. [Read More…]

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How to get inspired for new projects in Crochet/Knitting -DO’s and DON’TS

How to get inspired for new projects CrochetKnitting.jpg
Motivation vs Inspiration

In my view losing your motivation is not the same as losing your inspiration. I see not being motivated as not wanting to crochet altogether while not having inspiration while you want to feel your hook between your fingers like you never wanted anything else…

“Crojo” (crochet mojo) is a real thing and if you’re struggling with finding some, best to do is take a sabbatical/break from it and deal with what is REALY going on. [Read More…]

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Trifecta Cowl Free Pattern

Trifecta Cowl-Pinterest.png

Trifecta Cowl-updated v2

Trifecta cowl has it all: EASY, FAST to make and POPULAR shape! You will love making it! Comes in three sizes: XL, M/L, S/XS. [Read More…]

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Braided Elegance Infinity Scarf-free pattern release!

Braided Elegance Infinity Scarf Pinterest 1.png
If you ever wanted to try Hairpin stitch or just have a braid as embellishment on your accessory, look no further than Braided Elegance Infinity Shawl. This shawl is an elegant and fashionable statement whatever you pair it with! 

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A PDF printable version with detailed photo instructions is available on Raverly and soon it will include video instruction on hairpin stitch too. [Read More…]

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14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face

14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face.png
14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face

When I’m thinking of making videos I cringe… Why? I am an introvert and as such don’t like to be center of attention. I will do it if I have to but I prefer the ones where I don’t have to show my face… If you are anything like me then you can benefit from the ideas I will mention below. [Read More…]

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