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14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face

14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face.png
14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face

When I’m thinking of making videos I cringe… Why? I am an introvert and as such don’t like to be center of attention. I will do it if I have to but I prefer the ones where I don’t have to show my face… If you are anything like me then you can benefit from the ideas I will mention below. Although I must admit the times are changing and so should I if I want my small business to do better…
Reels and Idea Pins can be a very powerful tool if used correctly, otherwise it is just wasting time attracting the wrong crowd to your playground… I saw a real increase in views of my posts and even some followers got to me that usually wouldn’t have found me, once I started making Reels. Mind you I only have a handful of them myself and I should continue making more, but before I do that I have researched the topic extensively…

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I noticed that the educational and funny ones about your work or niche work the best… Presenting yourself could be very useful so the potential followers might connect with you solely on the basis of that presentation, but I think showing your work can be 100 times more impactful. But those dancing & acting videos serve only to entertain your current crowd (aka followers) and potentially attract the wrong crowd to your business page. As someone who likes to see you dance the latest trend will rarely be interested to see what is it that you are selling…
14 Ideas for short videos without showing your face if you are a knitter/crocheter:

14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face-1 (1).png14 Ideas for Reels or Idea Pins without showing your face-2 (2).png

It is the idea to start with these until you are more comfortable with the whole process of setting up for a reel (light, music, filter, captions), then filming one, adding captions in right moments and publishing it. 

Before filming a reel here is a short check list for the prep:
-prepare your props if you will be using them
-prepare the lighting or choose the location with best lighting
-make sure location has no distracting elements (clutter, very personal things, or just things you don’t want wider audience to see)
-get yourself ready
-choose the music
-choose the filter you like
-prewrite the captions on a notepad on your PC or phone as it is easy to copy/paste

After filming, make sure your captions are within the format of the ‘clear screen’, meaning nothing will obscure the captions or stickers (this will be visible when you move objects or captions around the screen-stay within red lines…
If you feel inspired by this and make some reels, I would be happy to be tagged in the captions or comments and share your reel to my story!

If you’re interested to read about the designing process you can find the post here and if you want to know more about the testing process you can find the post here

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